Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Lives What She Loves

Jennifer Sparks lives what she loves. Passing out her business card at the Muskogee County Genealogical Society meeting tonight, Jennifer described herself as a 'jack of all trades.' Her card describes her as a reader, writer, historian, geographer, and genealogist. I think genealogist should have come first on her list as you certainly can't seriously get to know who your ancestors really were without knowing something about history and geography. Reading and writing also fit the genealogist's list of necessities. Jennifer loves sharing her knowledge with others and learning from them too, hence the next line on her business card:

Tours for travelers interested in History

Finding herself taking friends (those of like loves) on trips to places of interest in her own car, a few at a time, and coming home to have others say they would like to go next time, Jennifer began to develop her own tours about history using buses --she calls them 'coaches' because it brings a less negative image to mind-- instead of her car. The tours are limited to about 30 people so that everyone can have a window seat as well as the seat beside them to spread out all those papers and things that we genealogists drag along with us. You are not a tourist on the coach but rather a 'traveler' and you won't visit any amusement parks or shopping malls (well, maybe in an emergency). Historical sites, museums, and the like are the bill of fare and in between stops there is plenty of bonding time with your fellow travelers and chances to tell stories and share knowledge. Jennifer's tours are not like your mother's bus trip!

Hearth & Home History Tours schedule only a couple of trips a year and from the descriptions on the fliers I imagine that they fill up really fast. This year's schedule includes the Arkansas Civil War tour on April 9, and the Steamboat Days on the Missouri Frontier tour June 9 through June 12. I will post links to the fliers on the Society website ( sometime this weekend. Take a look, become a traveler.

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alissa.hill said...

Loved the meeting! Jennifer was great and I can't wait to go on a day trip! Would have loved to gone to Prairie Grove, AR, in April, but it's Chili Cookoff weekend. But, my first official genealogy trip has to be to the FGS!! I liked that we actully talked about things after the speaker.