Monday, September 6, 2010

Read ALL About It With Dick Eastman-Man in the Know

Genealogy newsletters abound on the Internet now days but one has been around for quite a long time. Dick Eastman's EOGN-Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter will keep you up to date. In Dick's words EOGN is: "The DAILY newsletter for genealogy consumers, packed with straight talk-hold the sugar coating-whether the vendors like it or not!" and because it does not have advertisements it "relies solely upon 'word of mouse' advertising."

Dick often writes about technical things that can help us do better research or help us in making a purchase of items like scanners but he also includes lots of other things about what is going on in the genealogy world. For instance, in a recent newsletter, a weekly compilation of the daily postings that you can receive in text only format via email or read the full (with pictures) version online, part of the table of contents reads like this:


-(+) A Better (Cheaper) Method of Obtaining Wi-Fi Service
-(+) My New GPS and Camera and Mobile Internet Device and Secret Weapon
-EOGN Dinner in Knoxville and a Change in Plans for Future Dinners
-Salt Lake Family History Expo - Day #1
-Salt Lake Family History Expo - Day #2
-Reunion for iPad
-Scan2PDF Mobile
-Finding a Genealogy Society
-Griffith's Valuation now on
-New Disney Channel Series "My Family Tree"
-Ancestry.Com Adds 58 Million New Yearbook Records and NBC Team Up for Second Season of "Who Do You Think You Are?"
-Arkiv Digital Will Be Free This Weekend

The newsletter is free unless you want the + Plus Edition which provides extended version of the +Plus Edition articles. Because the + Plus Edition is by subscription it does cost money but the small fee is well worth it.

Dick Eastman is a frequent presenter at major genealogy conferences. He has written articles about how to get yourself to a major conference without breaking your (genealogy) bank. He has published articles in Genealogical Comuting and Family Chronicle magazines and for a number of Web sites. He was an advisor to PBS' Ancestry series and appeared as a guest in one of the episodes. He is past Assistant Executive Director for Technology at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, past Director of GENTECH and past Director of the New England Computer Genealogist. Dick is the author of YOUR ROOTS: Total Genealogy Planning On Your Computer published by Ziff-Davis Press.

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